7-9 Gertrude Street, Wolli Creek NSW 2205

Tel: 02 9599 3000

Whether you travel for work or business, airport parking in Sydney is now affordable, so you won’t have to worry about catching a train, taxi or bus anymore. Now you can simply take your own car and have it waiting for you, when you come home. Discount Airport Parking has an affordable alternative to expensive and often inconvenient parking at the airport. We offer a clean, safe lot with plenty of parking space at rates that are often more reasonable than what you would pay for parking otherwise. Instead of hoping to find whatever space is available, you have a greater selection plus the added bonus of knowing that your vehicle will be in a secure lot.

Secure and cheap airport parking in Sydney

Discount Airport Parking

Trains and buses aren't always reliable, and it can be inconvenient to carry around luggage on a taxi or public transportation. Avoid the hassle of trying to arrange for a pickup at the airport, especially if your flight is delayed or not on time. Choose the cheapest airport parking option and leave your car with us, that way you have the freedom of taking your time or making a few extra stops at your leisure.


We offer convenient rates based only on the amount of time you actually need to store your vehicle. If you only need a day, that's all you pay for. For a reasonable fee, you can opt for detailing services to keep your vehicle clean while you're away. For no extra charge, we start your vehicle every few days to keep the battery from going dead. Since we're located right next to Sydney airport parking near the international terminal is now not only convenient, but also affordable. Even if you aren’t leaving the country, leaving your car at any of the other domestic airport parking lots could be an option, but if you choose to park your car on our lot, you get to benefit from our affordable rates and exclusive perks.


If you are interested in cheap parking at Sydney airport, call us today to ask about our rates or make arrangements to park your vehicle in our secure lot.

Discount Airport Parking
7-9 Gertrude Street
Wolli Creek, NSW 2205
Tel: 02 9599 3000
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